One of the MOST rewarding volunteer jobs for any rescue group is fostering. You get to care for the dog and watch him/her bloom into a star and get adopted by a perfect family!

Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Assist with training such as socialization, house training, obedience and manners. Your efforts will help the foster dog become adoptable and successful in their forever home.
  • Evaluating the dog to assist HBR in matching them to the perfect most suitable forever home.
  • Take your foster dog to the vet when required, for check ups or surgery. (HBR covers ALL vet costs through our designated Veterinarians.)
  • Attend functions and HBR meet ups when possible.
  • Receive ongoing support from our volunteers.
  • Care for the foster dog in accordance to our foster agreement.
  • If possible we hope that our fosters can provide food for the dog while in their care, however we often receive food and treat donations from local stores, and if so we will be happy to provide some for the foster dog!

Apply to be a foster today!