Want to help a dog in need? Apply today to become a volunteer. There are many tasks that Homeward Bound Rescue could use your help with.

Fundraising, shows and events

Come out to our events and help showcase our adoptable dogs and spread the word about what we do. Help educate the public about what a puppy mill is and why adopting a dog is an awesome opportunity. Get the public familiar with how our rescue works, from the surrendering of the dog, to the fostering and finally to being adoptable. Oh….and we like to have fun.

Home Visit Volunteers

Like to meet new people? Our volunteers actually go to people’s homes. Yes…we do that! We want to be certain that where our dogs go is awesome and we want to get to know the people on the other end. The home assessment is a vital part of our process. We have a form for you to fill out which guides you on questions to ask and things to look for, and then it gets sent back to us for review.

Transportation Volunteers

Like to drive? Then this one will suit you! We need people to help us get our dogs to where they need to be. That includes picking them up and taking them to and from our events, vet trips, getting all spiffed up at the groomers and getting them to their foster homes. Some are short drives and others are quite the car ride.


Love dogs? Want to help them flourish into the best that they can be? Then fostering is the deal! You will effectively be saving a dogs life by taking them into your home and showing them what the good life is all about. You will treat this dog as if it were your own. Some need training, right from square one basics, some need to learn to trust a human, some just need love and attention. Each one is different and every one of them has a story to tell us. Will you be the one to help a dog find it’s forever home? Our fosters can attest to the fact that there’s nothing more rewarding than caring for a foster and watching their dreams come to fruition.

Thank you to all our generous volunteers and supporters, without your help we could not help the dogs we do!

Apply to be a volunteer now!